Health Care Professionals

From Grave to Cradle to Now

The Health Care Professional Edition

This Edition was augmented and enhanced by and for health professionals but the additional material will also be of interest and use to everyone.


Health professional course appropriateness

  • Acute and critical care and recovery
  • Brain injury: acquired  (ABI) & traumatic (TBI)
  • Patient and family treatment and management
  • Introduction to nursing
  • Preceptors and mentors
  • Empowering nurses and other healthcare workers
  • Ethical decision making & the philosophy of nursing
  •  Psychology (health, developmental, social)
  •  Sociology
  • Improving outcomes while reducing healthcare costs

Subjects addressed

  • Observations and lessons learned over 4+ years
  • Treating the collaterally damaged family by engaging them as part of the health care team
  • Using entrainment, that is, using the family’s unique sensory linkages to activate blood harmony between patient and family members in order to reach through comas to save and heal patients
  •  Neuroplasticity

Benefits to be realized by health professionals, patients and families

  • Case management & enhancing outcomes—patient, family, health professionals and society
  • Putting to use under-used assets: family members
    •  Implementable immediately
    •  No cost
  •  Thinking outside the box
  • Challenging and empowering both young and experienced health professionals.

Other relizable benefits

As a first person account, this first person account of living death/life crisis could be of significant benefit to others:

  • collaterally damaged families in crisis
  • those professionals, family members and friends who deal with them
  • hospital social workers & other staff
  • employers, & human resource professionals
  • patients, eventually

At the very least, copy and hand out the To Do lists.

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