Benefit Others

From Grave to Cradle to Now

The Health Care Professional Edition

This book was written in order to share our journey for the benefit of others.

If you find social value in the book we urge you to bring its benefits to others.

There are many ways that you can benefit others—now and in the coming years.  Some means of doing so are suggested below.  This list will be updated from time to time to include new suggestions sent to us by you and others.


  • Collaterally damaged family in crisis
  • Family, friends and supporters to those  in crisis




  1. Hand out To Do lists to those in crisis inlcuding families and their support groups
  2. Support those in crisis both in ways suggested in the book and in ways particular to the situation, your intelligence and your means
  3. Pass your copy of this book to others
  4. Discuss brain injury with others in order to improve society


  • Patients in the long term

Our health care systems excel at treating patents in crisis.

Unfortunately, our systems don't do nearly so well in recognizing the long term needs of patients.  We don't allow them enough time to recover and to use meaningful work as a means of assisting recovery and reintegration.

  • Street people

A significant proportion of street people have mental health issues and of these, a significant proportion have or will have brain trauma.

Do what you can to give them short term support and arrange for long term support. Above and beyond health and social support this means finding ways to enable them to be meaningful contributors to society.

  • Health Care profesionals
  • Human resources

Bring this book and the related web sites to the attention of individuals having ongoing contact with those in need.  Those influential individuals can be found in organizations, associations, schools training health professionals, social support groups in hospitals etc.


  • By cultural group



Assess the norms in your culture and advocate change where required and support for the patients and their collaterally damaged families.