Ian P. McCallum

Ian P. McCallum brings his considerable experience leading, team building, managing to objectives, and innovative solution finding.  

His expertise is in both management and in consulting, specifically in the disciplines of marketing, strategic planning, business planning, start-ups, and financing. 

His industry experience includes: 

  • Media 
  • The cultural industries
  • Telecommunications
  • Elogistics
  • Voice recognition and enabling technology
  • Federal government at senior levels 

His expertise includes: 

  • Innovating solutions by building and driving teams
  • Innovating branding, marketing, product and service enhancements in order to drive sales
  • Finding and eliminating constraints to growth

Often he has been in the forefront of industry developments.  He has spoken to investment and industry conferences and to business schools. The Ivey School has created business cases around two of his ventures including


  • He is very familiar with start-ups and companies that are either developing new business models or paradigms.
  • He has been president and CEO of several start-ups, one was a value added carrier with a pay television division, and another was a $90 million entertainment complex comprising of theatres, multi-media studios, broadcast centre, restaurant, store and other theatres.
  • He has had his own management consulting practice for a number of years operating in the technology, new media, and entertainment industries.  For specifics of selected engagements see below.
  • He was first President of the Peat Marwick Entertainment Group, with by far the largest accounting, audit and consulting practice in Canada.
  • He has created a number of national financing programs for the film and television production industry for the Federal government.
  • He was Special Assistant to the Federal Minister of Justice.
  • He is a resource through Caldwell Interim Executives

Artist Representation

(selected projects)

  • Principal Agent for Royden Rabinowitch O.C., L.M. (Cantab)
  • Leipzigerplatz Berlin, City of Berlin Mitte, The Judgment on the Copernican Revolution by Royden Rabinowitch – chosen by the City of Berlin Mitte, 802 tons of steel in 4 paired clusters, 2 on each side of the preserved line of the Berlin wall, each pair standing 10m high by 10m x15m.  Initiated the project and agent and project director for all aspects of the project.
  • Civic Square, City of Waterloo, The Waterloo Bell by Royden Rabinowitch 2009.  Steel 10’ high by 8’ in diameter. Initiated the project and agent and project director for all aspects of the project.
  • Festival Tower condo, Toronto, The Tower of Film by Michael Snow.  Initiated the project and agent and project director for all aspects of the project.
  • Pantages Suites Hotel and Spa, and condo towers.  The Windows Suite by Michael Snow. Permanent installation of seven 65” plasma video screens in windows facing Victoria St. Unveiled September 2006.  Brought in to rescue the project when a physical impasse was reached because building structure deviated from the architect’s drawings thereby preventing installation of some of the 7 screens.  Solved the problem, supervised the engineering drawings, permitting and installation as well as tweaking of video content and preparation of unveiling as an official event of the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • The EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary.  Permanent installation of the Orgue à Feu by Michel Moglia.  Not yet approved.

Consulting Engagements and Development Projects

  • NetConnect Conferencing is a North American business start-up created by acquiring the North American market and importing a highly successful Scandinavian headquartered, global conferencing business and integrated technology. Has negotiated partnerships with a company which has developed a new web 2.0 technology bringing social networking to enterprises.[i]
  • Created a business plan and operational plan for a renovated rural theatre.[ii]
  • On behalf of the developer of hybrid electric fleet vehicles, developed public sector partnerships, in particular initiated discussions with Canadian government entities, International Financing Institutions, including the World Bank, the Prototype Carbon Fund and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in order to put in place international financing for R&D, demonstration projects and manufacturing.  The Canadian entities included Department of Foreign and International Trade, CIDA, Industry Canada, Ministry of the Environment, Industry Canada, TEAM, Transport Canada, the Sustainable Development Fund, Export Development Canada, Natural Resources Canada, the Foundation for Sustainable Development in Canada.[iii]
  • For Heritage Canada, Trade Routes, examined the drop in Canadian cultural export of goods to Europe in the late 1990s and reported on “trends, challenges and issues” facing the Canadian cultural industries as they attempted to increase exports of goods and services to Europe.[iv]
  • According to the President of the client company, McCallum increased the value of the company by a factor of 10.  This was the result of McCallum identifying new markets and tractable constraints to growth, and creating a potent branding.  The company has developed an Artificial Intelligence based system marrying voice-enabling with data base management.  The increasing wireless society has brought focus upon the need for people to interact with important data bases without using keypads or keyboards for interrogation, command and control.  The voice enabling technology that allows employees to interact with their personal schedules and phonebooks as well as CRM, inventory and order tracking also enables customers and clients to go directly to solutions.  This reduces costs (e.g. call centres) and improves customer service. As a result of his work, a major bank conducted successful beta tests prior to using the technology itself and its capital market arm is providing syndicated financing. [v]
  • For the COO and major shareholder of a market making, global elogistics network and ASP, McCallum developed the process for the integration of acquisitions.  For the COO he developed a market based application development process to improve time-to-market for new software applications, featuring improved stakeholder input, process control and accountability. Also, he worked with divisions to develop the business plans for both the divisions and the COO .[vi] 
  • He was Co-founder and Vice–President Corporate Sales and Development for TVRadioNow Corporation, which operated as, a mechanism for establishing a programming business in Canada through the World Wide Web that uniquely could flow royalties to rights holders.  In this, under Canadian law, it was similar to the Canadian cable television rights payments protocol.  It suspended operations pursuant to an agreement signed to end litigation in American courts. [vii]
  • iCraveTV had one of the fastest established brands on the Internet.  iCraveTV was the first to market with full television on the Internet - the 17 Buffalo and Toronto television stations available off air.  In its second hour of operation iCraveTV was receiving 350,000 hits an hour.  Its first month saw 80 million impressions and 800,000 visitors.  Its first three month’s press clippings were 9” thick with two front page articles in US Today, major articles in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times of London, Newsweek Magazine, Wired Magazine as well as many articles in the Globe and Mail, the National Post and the Toronto Star.  There was extensive coverage on the Internet electronic “zines” such as Wired and CNET was well as coverage on CNN and PBS. 
  • iCraveTV had developed iWall, the second first to market innovation. Significantly, iWall also creates country area networks (CAN) on the Internet.  This made available ONLY to iCraveTV, for web cast on a country-by-country basis, television content that could not be licensed for exhibition on the World Wide Web because the rights were unavailable to anyone.  Like cable television, iCraveTV could create nation wide tiers of specialty channels for on-line computer users in any country.  
  • The company set out to acquire video content and partners to grow it from the dominant TV aggregator retransmitter, to a broader video aggregator, and on to become either the dominant video based portal or a major media rich portal. It planned growth, in part, would come by partnering, acquiring or merging.
  • McCallum discussed iCraveTV with both the Senate Judiciary Committee the United States’ House of Representatives Commerce Committee sub-committee on Telecommunications, the Internet and Consumer Protection. The subject of the hearing was: iCraveTV and other Recent Developments in Web Casting.  As a direct result, he was interviewed on CNN and PBS and received mention in a cover story in USA Today. 
  • He appeared in Washington on a panel at the Legg Mason Precursor two-day conference for the investment industry on the subject of developments in the global Internet and Telecommunications.  Also on the panel were the former chair of the US Federal Communications Commission, a current commissioner of the FCC and an executive of AOL.  For details of other presentations see the separate section below. He has addressed prominent law and business schools discussing the business models for internet start-ups and intellectual property and new technologies.
  • McCallum was responsible for developing the company beyond the original retransmission concept and for preparing the company for financing.
  • In its B2B configuration, McCallum had been developed service and rental to the video streaming needs of industry as well as new businesses including corporate web casting and private label services. 
  • McCallum was a partner in the founding of ETM Canada, a subsidiary of the fourth largest American event ticketing company. He and a partner worked with the American parent, first in a feasibility study and then in the preoperational period including preparation of business, marketing and sales plans and spent considerable time introducing the concept to management of sports venues and teams, live theatre, and cinema chains.  The parent, having just acquired another company with a better component software, gone through a refinancing and just expanded into New Zealand, decided to defer expansion into Canada.  ETM ticketing involved facility site installations of hardware, software and, if required, staff; a call centre; Internet sales and a distributed kiosk system for both sales and fulfillment.[viii]
  • Conducted a feasibility study for a potential major investor in a company with unique proprietary technology for communications in mining and fire fighting.  This technology enables point to multi-point and multipoint to point, personal communication underground and, in a separate configuration, between front line fire fighters and accountability personnel. 
  • Conducted a feasibility study for the use of multi-media services to assist the Ontario Film Development Corporation Location Promotion Service attract more foreign film and television production to Ontario.  Examined were the use of an electronic bulletin board accessible by Internet and the digitization of 800,000 location images and provision of these images to foreign producers.
  • Conducted a $100,000 feasibility study into the commercialization of a new smart agent, multimedia navigating software. [ix]
  • Worked in Canada and Brussels with a venture invited to demonstrate technology at the G7 meeting of Ministers of the Information Society in Brussels in February 1995.
  • Provided strategic planning and management for Canadian partners (the Perspectives Program of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, Worldlinx (Bell), PiXEL Productions) for project with European Union partners (the Danish Technological Institute Digital (IR), Philips (NDL)) in a project to demonstrate a new, user friendly, proprietary, inter-active multimedia program for accessing data and program publishers data bases reached by the various data highways or networks and for those network providers and publishers who need to make data bases more accessible.
  • Advised large American broadcast enterprise concerning the creation of a new specialty channel.
  • Advised a multi-media production and publishing company on negotiating a joint venture with a large international publisher and providing on-going business advice.
  • Analysed performance of the English Canadian book publishing industry for two trade associations.
  • Performed the feasibility study on the creation of a loan loss reserve program for Canadian book publishers that resulted in the creation of a federal support program.
  • For the Minister of Canadian Heritage analysed the primary data on the impact of television advertising and violence on society
  • On behalf of the federal government investigated and produced recommendations concerning feasibility and implementation of a proposal by Téléfilm Canada to create a guaranteed loan program.  This project involved consultation with the banking industry, the film and television production industry across Canada, managers of federal and provincial guaranteed loan programs, and the federal interests including Department of Finance, the Privy Council Office, the Treasury Board, the Auditor General and the Office of the Comptroller General. 
  • Assisted with the implementation of a guaranteed loan program for the film and television industry, working with the banking industry, the film industry and the federal government's designated and central agencies (Finance, Privy Council Office, Treasury Board).
  • Provided business, financing, marketing, strategic planning and organizational advice to a large scale, destination, international cultural event in the Middle East.
  • Consulted to the publisher of an internationally acclaimed, Canadian based publishing company concerning a management buyback. 
  • Consulted to an eminent publisher during negotiations to establish a Canadian based publishing company as a division of a major American publishing company. 
  • On behalf of a Florida based, satellite delivered program service for the hospitality industry sought financing and joint ventures from a wide range of North American companies. 
  • Prepared for NHK, the Japanese broadcaster that developed High Definition Television, a proposal for introducing the sub?components of High Definition Television into other North America manufactured products.   
  • For a group of broadcast technology clients analyzed the American Defence Advanced Research Products Agency (DARPA) as a financing source for developing high definition television components for incorporation into airborne weapon's systems.
  • Performed a review of markets, product lines, production administration and financing for the IMAX, international film production and distribution company.
  • Analyzed the film and video distribution industry in Canada.
  • Examined the export potential in Asia for cultural industries.
  • Performed arbitration between the home video industry and government and reviewing industry administrative and manufacturing procedures and government procedures in order to amend a problem program. 
  • Prepared the business plan for a major, multi?studio production facility and film school on the east coast.  This included determination of the appropriate facilities, and their renovation or construction; technology orientation; developing the business concept and the marketing plan for the facility.  The facility was to be used to train production personnel in both film and television, and technicians for both operations and maintenance of television production and broadcast equipment. Memramcook
  • Conducted a review of a contract for the programming and management of a multi-theatre complex.
  • Consulted to a pioneering software developer and distributor on broadband distribution of entertainment and software programs.
  • Produced a business plan for an environmental development and manufacturing company; he re?oriented the company from being primarily a seller of systems and consulting to being a developer, owner and operator of large scale, in?vessel composting plants; he arranged investment and financing discussions with potential investing companies and investment banks. 




The Living Arts Centre

  • As President and CEO of the Living Arts Centre, developed on behalf of the private sector founders the implementation plan for a new concept entertainment complex.  The $90 million, 210,000 square foot complex contains 3 theatres, multimedia studios, a broadcast centre, a restaurant and stores and visual arts studios.  There were 3 resident companies.  In order to increase revenue, lay of costs, cut costs, and increase marketing he established partnerships with entertainment organizations, corporations and educational institutions.  Secured a title sponsor to contribute $5 million capital funds plus ongoing operating funds. SGI provided $2.4 million in equipment. ii
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Eight corporations created the Cablecom Corporation.  They included financial institutions, cable companies and a provincial government.  It was created as a value added telecommunications carrier.  As its first venture it developed and operated a pay television network.  The network achieved cash break-even in 20 months and profitability within 33 months.   It was the first profitable pay television network in Canada. [i]
  • President, Entertainment Group
  • The Entertainment Group provided consulting, accounting, audit, tax and consulting services to companies, governments and individuals in the film, television and related industries.

Cablecom Corporation

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Eight corporations created the Cablecom Corporation.  They included financial institutions, cable companies and a provincial government.  It was created as a value added telecommunications carrier.  As its first venture it developed and operated a pay television network.  The network achieved cash break-even in 20 months and profitability within 33 months.   It was the first profitable pay television network in Canada.

Peat Marwick Thorne

  • President, Entertainment Group
  • The Entertainment Group provided consulting, accounting, audit, tax and consulting services to companies, governments and individuals in the film, television and related industries.  

The Federal Minister of Justice

Special Assistant to the Minister.  Responsible for media relations and assignments as required.


Transport Canada

  •         Represented Transport Canada on Canadian teams negotiating with other nations the development of shared satellite systems for navigation, communications, and search and rescue.  Other nations participating in these negotiation included the United States, England, France, Germany, the USSR, Japan and Australia.  Also participated in the negotiation of Canadian entry into the European Space Agency.  
  •         Represented Transport Canada on the Interdepartmental Committee on Space.
  •         Represented Transport Canada on the interdepartmental policy committee, the Telecommunications Advisory Committee and was to have become Chairman.  Other major telecommunications users represented were the Department of National Defence, the RCMP and External Affairs. 
  •         Responsibilities included co?ordination of requirements analysis, system design and development, and operational evaluation. 
  •         He was responsible for overseeing Transport Canada's war preparedness and participation in NATO war games.   At the time he left government to return to the private sector, he had been named First Secretary, Transportation to the Canadian High Commission in London.

Screen Gems (Canada Ltd.)  

Associate Producer 35 half hour talk shows - Toronto, Los Angeles. 


Honourable Otto Lang
Minister of Manpower & Immigration, Minister of justice

Special Assistant with responsibilities for media relations, constituency relations, departmental coverage with respect to broadcasting, cultural industries, telecommunications, technology.  Handled communications and media for election campaigns. Conceived media campaigns that were covered in Time magazine and conceived a statement for the Minister that became the lead story on broadcast and print media across Canada.


National Film Board of Canada

Writer/director staff.  Assistant Director for Flowers on a One Way Street and for Prologue as well as director of shorts.



  • Management Accounting; Carleton University, Ottawa
  • Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada
  • Structure and Management of the Policy Process, Senior Management Development Program; Government of Canada, Ottawa 
  • MA Program, Theatre; University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon 
  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Theatre; University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
  • Law School :  Contract, Tort, Property, and Criminal; University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon





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  • Others including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Variety, Canadian Press and Broadcast News  

Speeches and



  • The Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario conference on Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning Conference, speech on Dealing with High Absenteeism: The NetConnect and Microsoft Experience during The London Bombing,
  • The Ivey Business School. MBA and HBA Programs with the University of Western Ontario Law School – participated in half day seminars on the iCraveTV Case Study
  • University of Ottawa Law School
  • CANARIE 2000 Key note address
  • Panellist, TV, Film and Online Broadcasting in the Wake of iCraveTV -What Now?, the Canadian Institute’s Intellectual Property Conference
  • e-Business Successes, Challenges and Trends, - Conference For eBusiness Practitioners Edmonton
  • Presentation to the United States’ House of Representatives Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property, The Committee on the Judiciary - Subject: Copyrighted Broadcast Programming on the Internet.
  • Panellist, Toronto International Short Film Festival
  • Panellist Legg Mason Precursor two-day conference for the investment industry.  Also on the panel was: the former chair of the US Federal Communications Commission, Richard Wylie; a current commissioner of the FCC Susan Ness and an executive of AOL. 
  • Presentation to the United States’ House of Representatives Commerce Committee sub-committee on Telecommunications, the Internet and Consumer Protection. Subject: iCraveTV and other Recent Developments in Web Casting 
  • Presentation to the Association of Film Commissions International concerning the digitization of location photos and the provision of information to the studios using Internet and electronic bulletin boards, Burbank, California
  • Panellist, High Definition Film and Television Production, Satellite Users Conference organized by Telesat Canada, Ottawa
  • Panellist, The Canadian Production Agreement seminar.
  • Panellist, Insight Educational Services seminar Hollywood North Revisited, Financing for Film and Television Production.
  • Chairman, Seminars on how to use Ontario's Small Business Development Corporation and the Guaranteed Line of Credit Program in the financing of film and television production distribution companies. J
  • Chairman, A Conference for Investment Industry Professionals on Investment Opportunities in the New Canadian Entertainment Industry, Ryerson University, Toronto.
  • Canadian Radio?television and Telecommunications Commission's review of the condition of the pay television industry and the Hearing of applications
  • Trade Forum Panellists several times, Toronto Film Festival
  • Guest lecture, Queen's University, Kingston & University of Ottawa
  • Broadcast Research Council of Canada, Toronto
  • Canadian Radio & television and Telecommunications Commission's Hearing of applications to originate pay television services; a general submission, Hull, Quebec


Boards & Volunteer Experience

  • Represented KPMG on the Council for Business & the Arts
  • Editorial Board Entertainment Business Journal 
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television
  • Board of Directors the Music Gallery
  • Advisory Committee to MusicWorks magazine

  • Chair, Society for the Conservation of Old Richmond Hill & member of the Central Business District Advisory Committee
  • Member of Organizing Committee Bassett Classic NHL hockey and celebrity golf tournament to raise funds for cancer research 
  • Chairman, Organizing Committee A Tribute to Life, a tribute to the late John F. Bassett in the form of a benefit to raise funds for cancer research by Dr. R. Falk at the University of Toronto.  
  • Founding Member Board of Trustees Bassett/Falk Cancer Research Foundation
  •  Member of the Board of Directors Persephone Theatre



Wife Jacqueline Boughner, BFA, Mt. Allison University, artist; Board member of L’Arche Daybreak and L’Arche Ontario; facilitator for L’Arche conferences and retreats.

Adult children:
Andrew, marketing at Tucows; Hon BA Business & Computing, Ryerson University; working in IT & spare time electronic music composer and DJ

David, PhD candidate in Digital Gestalt at the University of Gothenburg; MSc from Chalmers University, Sweden; Hons BA in Physics and Hons BA in Music from Queens University; Editor of MusicWorks magazine, performer and installation artist; musician

Jonathan, Hon BA in Multimedia and Society, McMaster;  graduate, senior animation Sheridan College; musician

Hobbies & interests: swimming, golf, sailing, pool, skiing, squash with the sons, travel, staying in touch with friends and family, learning from my sons and involving them in my projects where possible, proffering Polonius-like advice to my sons, attending their performances, the arts; puns; writing for pleasure; my sons recently got me soaring again.


French; high school German; has made presentations in German, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese and Polish.

Security Clearance

While required, was consistent with handling secret Cabinet and NATO material.


Upon Request