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To Do Lists

Handouts for Crises

We are pleased to offer these To Do Lists—one for families and one for For Friends, Neighbors and Community. Print them either to use in your crisis or to hand to others to use in their crisis.

Download To Do lists.

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To Do List Handout For Friends and the Support Group

There are two lists:

  1. For Family
  2. For Friends and the Support Group - below




To Do List Handout

For Friends, Neighbors and Community

1. Put together a team and a network and co-ordinate them. Prepare a contact list with phone numbers and emails addresses and distribute it to everyone.

2. Single primary contact: In consultation with the family, select someone as the primary community contact between the family and the support groups. It should be a close family friend. Get from the family or the social media site their script for the day. Get a house key from the family.

3. Gather the core team together to plan and handle the following tasks.

Urgent and immediate tasks:

• Take care of children of the family and family pets—the family doesn’t need any other traumas
• Contact the family’s children’s schools as appropriate
• Organize the community of friends and neighbours to provide meals according to the family schedule

• Identify and schedule individuals who can occasionally drive family members to and from the hospital. Distraught, exhausted, adrenalin-toxin filled family are not safe drivers and don’t need the additional energy drain and stress. On the whole, drivers should listen—not talk. They should NOT ask the family member any non-essential questions.

Tasks that are not immediate:

• Take in mail and papers
• Remove perishables from the fridge
• Take out the garbage and bring in empty bins
• Dust the house
• Cut the grass and weed the garden
• Shovel snow

Set up a schedule for the above items.

Check to make certain the critical items are done.

4. Canvas the network of friends and neighbours as to who might have access to special resources:

• Social networking expertise to create a site to inform the larger community of friends and to solicit their active support for both the patient and the family
• Accommodation close to the hospital
• Accommodation for out-of-town family and visitors
• Inexpensive parking close to the hospital
• Meals—restaurants or take-out
• Lawyers and other experts

Download To Do lists.