From Grave to Cradle to Now

The Health Care Professional Edition



Notice that the contents are broken up into sections.  The first section, the first two chapters starting with Grave, deals  hour-by-hour with the events unfolding the first day and then the chronological unfolding of events over the intervening years. The second section gives health care professionals the relevant view from the family's side of the bed.  The third section addresses selected realities from the other side of the bed but for the benefit of health care professionals through analysis, anecdotes and advice for families.






Chronology: by Facebook and Journal


Notes to Nurses, Doctors and Other Healthcare Providers

The Hospital System – Our Experience


Your Caregiver Team

Men and Fathers – Joining the OAJS

Major Lessons

The New Normal

Drew Writes




To Do List for the Family

To Do List for Friends, Neighbours and Community

Official Letter from the Hospital

Resources for Families

Detailed Table of Contents


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 The Health Care Professional Edition

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